Armenian Duduk and Japanese Koto Players Collaborate in Cultural Celebration Concert

Published March 21, 2023

Artak Asatryan and Nobutaka Yoshizawa in Armenia

Armenian duduk player Artak Asatryan recently participated in a unique concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Armenia. The concert, organized by the Embassy of Japan in Armenia, was a testament to the long-standing cultural ties between the two nations and featured a variety of performances showcasing the best of both Armenian and Japanese music.

One particularly noteworthy aspect of the concert was the collaboration between Asatryan and Japanese koto player Nobutaka Yoshizawa. Together, they performed Michio Miyagi‘s “Haru no Umi” (“Spring Sea”), a well-known piece for the koto, and Khachatur Avetisyan‘s “Tsaghkats Baleni” (“The Dance of the Tsakhkads”), a traditional Armenian folk tune arranged for the duduk. Their collaboration demonstrated the power of music to bring together cultures from different parts of the world, highlighting the mutual respect and appreciation that the two nations have for each other’s art and culture.

Asatryan’s performance was a highlight of the event and demonstrated his exceptional talent and creativity as a duduk player. The duduk, a wind instrument native to Armenia, is known for its soulful and haunting sound, and Asatryan is considered to be one of the best duduk players of his generation.

The concert also featured performances by the state chamber choir “Hover” and kanon player Marianna Gevorgyan, who performed a selection of Armenian and Japanese songs. These performances added to the rich and diverse program of the concert and highlighted the beauty and diversity of the musical traditions of Armenia and Japan.

Artak Asatryan’s contribution to the concert was a reminder of the rich musical heritage of Armenia, and his performance left a lasting impression on the audience. As a talented and versatile musician, Artak is sure to continue making a significant contribution to the world of music for years to come.