Sar Kamler


A true believer that music has the capacity to heal the mind, body, and soul, Sar Kamler is a Toronto-based musician whose sound pivots around the duduk, a double-reeded woodwind instrument native to Armenia. It’s through a deep understanding of the duduk that Sar now centers his music around the themes of love, believing that a lot of light can be brought into our world through his idyllic style of music.

Having existed for around 1,200 years, the double-reed wind instrument is characterized by a warm, soft, slightly nasal timbre, with a rawness that draws parallels to the human voice. It is a stunning, soulful, and emotionally powerful instrument that speaks to everyone in some way, no matter what their race, color, or religious beliefs are.  Therefore, Sar constantly strives to push the duduk sound beyond its traditional boundaries by combining it with other styles of music and instruments. 

Sar grew up in the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan, where he became enamored by the music of his hometown during his earliest years but it wasn’t until the later years that Sar picked up his first instrument. After struggling to understand the intricacies of the duduk for years, Sar met the man that became not only his biggest musical influence, but a close friend, Georgy Minasov. A distinguished musician and duduk innovator, Georgy became Sar’s teacher, expanding his knowledge, technique, and palette. Sar has since taken up the extended-range duduk, which Georgy invented, and which enables a wider repertoire including jazz and classics.

Sar has performed across the Toronto area, beginning in early 2019 with the  “Mystical Duduk in Toronto” concert in 2019, where he played in a trio alongside renowned duduk players Artak Asatryan and Georgy Minasyan . In February 2019 the “Armenia Meets Cuba” jazz project showcased Sar performing live alongside world-renowned jazz pianist Hilario Duran, combining the ancient, soulful music of Armenia with the dynamics and rhythms of Cuba. In 2020, Sar performed his first solo concert in the Armenian episode of Sounds of Canada, a project that features music of all ethnicities and nationalities on Canadian soil. Since 2022, alongside the gifted pianist Viktor Kott, Sar performed on various Toronto stages as part of his “Café Duduk” project, a musical endeavor that breathed new life into Armenian melodies and global classics through the fusion of duduk and piano.

Currently, Sar is channeling his creative energies into a series of ambitious projects that highlight his growth and versatility as a musician. Among these, his debut solo album, “Butterfly,” stands out as a significant milestone. “Butterfly” is Sar’s exploration of the duduk’s capabilities beyond the confines of traditional Armenian folk music, showcasing the instrument’s versatility across a broader musical landscape. For the first time, Sar steps into the role of composer, offering nine original compositions that mark a new chapter in his musical journey. The album’s title, “Butterfly,” symbolizes Sar’s personal and artistic transformation, reflecting his evolution from a duduk player to a composer who can fully articulate his vision through music.

In addition to “Butterfly,” Sar continues to captivate audiences with the “Soothing Echoes of Duduk” series, a collection of ambient music releases that provide a monthly oasis of calm and reflection. Furthermore, Sar’s involvement with the Ethnosonic band sees him managing and performing in an ensemble that celebrates original music rooted in Circassian, Armenian, and Ukrainian folk traditions. Through these diverse endeavors, Sar Kamler is not only expanding the duduk’s horizons but also forging a unique path that intertwines tradition with contemporary expression.