Fajr Music Festival to Host World-Renowned Dudukner Ensemble

Published February 19, 2023

The Dudukner Ensemble, founded by the renowned Armenian duduk player, teacher, and inventor Georgy Minasov (Minasyan), will be performing at the 38th Fajr Music Festival, Iran’s most prominent music festival. The festival, which is annually held in January, will take place from February 17 to 22, 2021, in Tehran and 16 provinces.

Dudukner Ensemble - Fajr Festival 2023

The Festival

The Fajr Music Festival is a celebration of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, part of the Ten-Day Dawn celebration. In its first edition in 1986, twelve ensembles performed revolutionary songs and anthems, marking an important moment in the country’s musical history. For four years, it was the only opportunity for Iranian musicians and maestros to hold concerts.

After the war against Iran ended in 1990, the festival’s name changed to Fajr Music Festival. Two years later, it became an international event. Ensembles from Muslim nations such as Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and India came to perform diverse musical genres. Over the years, the festival has welcomed renowned artists from around the world, promoting intercultural musical dialogue.

This year’s festival will be the most prominent yet, featuring around 90 performances held in seven halls, including Vahdat and Rudaki in Tehran. Attendees will enjoy performances by bands from Portugal, Russia, Hungary, India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, and Serbia, along with a dozen pop bands, five orchestras, 28 folk music groups, 14 traditional music ensembles, and 11 anthem bands.

The Dudukner Ensemble

Dudukner Ensemble at Fajr Music Festival

The Dudukner Ensemble is renowned for their unique use of the duduk, including newly invented instruments, to create a distinctive sound that reflects the soulful Armenian heritage. They’ve achieved many accomplishments, such as recording Komitas’ and Makar Ekmalyan’s liturgy and composing award-winning music for films like “Eternal Hour.” The ensemble’s invitation to perform at the Fajr Music Festival is a testament to their international recognition.

The festival, which promotes cross-cultural understanding and showcases the diverse musical heritage of Iran, is a platform for international and Iranian musicians to perform and hold concerts. The festival provides an opportunity to enjoy the unique sounds and rich cultural heritage of Iran, and the Dudukner Ensemble’s performance will add to this vibrant event, promoting intercultural dialogue.

In Conclusion

In summary, the Dudukner Ensemble’s invitation to perform at the Fajr Music Festival is a significant achievement, recognizing their unique sound and music. The festival is a celebration of diverse music genres and cultures, and the ensemble’s performance will contribute to this event by showcasing the rich Armenian heritage and promoting intercultural dialogue.