Sar Kamler Unveils “Butterfly” – An Uplifting Duduk Single Set for Released on December 24

Published December 26, 2023

[Toronto, Canada] Sar Kamler, an emerging talent in the world of world music, is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Butterfly,” available on all streaming platforms starting December 24, 2023. This enchanting instrumental piece, featuring the melodious sounds of the Armenian duduk, is the lead single from Sar’s much-anticipated debut album, also titled “Butterfly.”

Sar Kamler, is a Toronto-based Armenian musician. His profound connection with the duduk, a traditional Armenian double-reeded woodwind instrument, has led him on a unique musical journey. The duduk is known for its warm, soft, and slightly nasal timbre, often compared to the human voice in its emotional depth and expressiveness. With a history stretching back over 1,200 years, the duduk has been a staple in Armenian music, traditionally used in folk songs and dances.

“Butterfly” is a composition that symbolizes Sar Kamler’s personal and artistic evolution. Having discovered his passion for music and the duduk in his 40s, Sar’s journey mirrors the transformational nature of the butterfly, from which the single takes its name. His approach to music composition blends traditional Armenian sounds with contemporary arrangements, offering a fresh perspective to the duduk’s repertoire.

The single is an expression of Sar’s belief in the power of music to heal and uplift the soul. It represents a significant departure from the duduk’s traditional role in folk music, introducing original compositions that are likely to appeal to a wide range of listeners, both within and beyond the Armenian community.

Sar’s dedication to his craft has been evident since his early performances in Toronto, beginning with the “Mystical Duduk in Toronto” concert in 2019. His collaborations with renowned musicians such as jazz pianist Hilario Duran in the “Armenia Meets Cuba” project and pianist Viktor Kott have further enriched his musical experience.

Listeners can listen “Butterfly” on all major streaming services or through the link available on Sar Kamler’s website,, ensuring they are among the first to experience this unique blend of traditional Armenian music and contemporary soundscapes.

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