Dudukner Ensemble

Armenian Duduk Quartet|Coming Soon

Founded in 1998 by prominent Armenian duduk player, teacher, and inventor Georgy Minasov (Minasyan), the Dudukner Ensemble has performed internationally ever since. An industrious inventor, Georgy Minasov has created a full family of duduks: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass with a vision to develop the duduk beyond its traditional range and sound. Taking advantage of the sound qualities of these newly invented instruments, The Dudukner Ensemble was founded that set a solid foundation for new Armenian duduk polyphony and previously unheard music.

Armenian color and a soulful genetic code are represented in duduk, a silent theater that fully highlights the Armenian man’s millennial history, his creative path.

The Dudukner Ensemble’s repertoire and accomplishments are remarkable. The ensemble recorded Komitas’ liturgy in its entirety and excerpts from Makar Ekmalyan’s liturgy for the first time ever. Composers Ruben Altunyan and Stepan Shakaryan created special pieces for the Dudukner quartet based on Komitas’ works and Armenian folklore. There was a great deal of love for the ensemble’s performances, not only in Armenia, but all over the world.

The Dudukner Ensemble has also performed internationally and scored award-winning films, including ‘Eternal Hour’ (a documentary about Narekatzy). They won first place at the 2005 Kiev International Film Festival ‘In the Open Air’ and won first place at the Golden Apricot Festival in Yerevan, Armenia. Their arrangements of three Komitas folk songs for the film, “Long Way Home”, starring Isabel Bayrakdarian, earned them high praise in addition to their scores for international films.

In the wake of Georgy Minasov’s death in 202, Georgi Minasyan Jr. took over the leadership of the Dudukner Quartet as its Artistic Director. As a tribute to the great legacy left by Georgy Minasov, The Quartet aims to bring back the music of Medieval Armenia, featuring multi-layered and multi-hued secular and spiritual melodies characteristic of Armenian culture.